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    Climate change and personal finances

    Steven Guilbeault

    We are subsidising the oil economy

    Steven Guilbeault

    The myth of a vast world with infinite resources

    Yannick Roudaut

    Responsible consumption has its own rewards

    Pierre-Olivier Pineau

    Understanding greenwashing

    Mickaël Carlier

    Free-range meat and healthier living

    Philippe Desbrosses

    Eating is a political act

    Philippe Desbrosses

    Wasted food is wasted money

    Philippe Desbrosses

    Your car’s too expensive: Save money and slow down climate change

    Karel Mayrand

    Divestment, a moral and financial argument

    Karel Mayrand

    Visualizing local impacts: An incentive to take action

    Stephen Sheppard

    Time to assume political responsibility

    Nicolas Hulot

    Citizens can act, talk, invest, think

    Nicolas Hulot

    Including the environmental cost in the purchase price

    Laure Waridel

    Inefficient cities and means of transportation

    Laure Waridel

    Proposing solutions

    Catherine Potvin

    Divestment is a powerful tool

    Bill McKibben

    Unforeseen climate change impacts

    Bernard Voyer

    Voting with your wallet

    Alexandre Taillefer

    A different approach to ecology

    Alexandre Taillefer

    Despite normal variations, global temperatures are rising

    Alain Bourque

    Prices aren’t indicative of the ecological truth

    Corinne Lepage

    Lifestyle changes for better urban planning

    Daniel Pearl

    Personal climate
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