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    Promoting eco-friendly solutions

    Mickaël Carlier

    Time is a luxury we cannot afford anymore

    Lucie Pagé

    Bleak prospects for island populations

    Jérôme Petit

    Coral: An invaluable ally at the mercy of climate change

    Jérôme Petit

    Protecting the seas: An act of self-preservation

    Jérôme Petit

    Developing countries can teach us a thing or two

    Jean-Pierre Ndoutoum

    Compassion is the solution

    Trinh Xuan Thuan

    Repairing products instead of discarding them

    Laure Waridel

    Adaptation beyond a 2-degree rise: A bleak prospect

    Jean Jouzel

    The oceans: The lungs of our planet

    Claire Nouvian

    Changing oceans and socio-economic problems

    Claire Nouvian

    Why overfishing must stop now

    Claire Nouvian

    Letting biodiversity do the heavy lifting

    Claire Nouvian

    Climate change and social justice issues

    Catherine Potvin

    Education is key to protecting the planet

    Bernard Voyer

    The environment and climate risk management

    Alain Bourque

    Human and economic impacts of natural disasters

    Adam Sobel

    Extreme weather events and climate change

    Adam Sobel

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