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    Changing your transportation habits

    Steven Guilbeault

    Ask for greener products

    Yannick Roudaut

    A new renaissance today

    Yannick Roudaut

    The Internet of energy: Selling and buying electricity

    Pierre-Olivier Pineau

    Climate change is altering our eating habits

    Karel Mayrand

    Rich or poor, we all have to save energy

    Jean-Pierre Ndoutoum

    Climate-conscious urban planning

    Jean-Pierre Ndoutoum

    Building cities for people, not cars

    Jean-Pierre Ndoutoum

    Community support can help us change our habits

    Stephen Sheppard

    Trees are good for both our mental and physical health

    Stephen Sheppard

    Better urban planning means saving money

    Kathleen Rogers

    Renewable energy: Why sharing is so much better

    Daniel Pearl

    Your carbon footprint is bigger than you think

    Daniel Pearl

    Cities make it easy to change our habits

    Catherine Potvin

    Existing solutions to climate change

    Brice Lalonde

    A shift in technology leads to a new mindset

    Bill McKibben

    Companies face significant risks

    Andrew Winston

    Image is everything in business

    Alexandre Taillefer

    Local economies are the key to the future

    Alexandre Taillefer

    Having a positive local and global impact

    Alexandre Taillefer

    A multitude of risks

    Alain Bourque

    Climate risk considerations in existing infrastructures

    Alain Bourque

    Climate change and risk management

    Adam Sobel

    Insurance costs do not reflect severity of risk

    Adam Sobel

    The ins and outs of climate disturbances

    A 4-degree rise in global temperature would alter the climate

    Jean Jouzel

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    risk level

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